Transforming Houston through innovation and entrepreneurship


Convene community leaders and resources to improve the ecosystem


Recruit talent and venture capital to the ecosystem


Showcase the strengths, momentum & successes of our innovation economy

Standing for the Good of Houston

Motivated by the desire to make Houston a better place

Stand For Houston

Building Bridges

A catalyst for connections that accelerate the exchange of ideas and resources

Looking Like Houston

Embody our diverse culture that welcomes newcomers and different points of view

Be Adaptive

Demonstrate agility and creativity, and when we fail, failing fast - just like a startup

Always Accessible

Make Houston’s startup ecosystem easy to reach at any time from anywhere

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The HX Story

Houston Exponential is a new, dynamic organization that will serve, organize, champion and grow the local innovation ecosystem. HX will accelerate the development of Houston’s innovation economy by fostering a robust ecosystem that supports high-growth, high-impact startups.

HX was created through a combination of the Greater Houston Partnership’s Innovation Roundtable, Mayor Turner’s Innovation and Technology Task Force, and the Houston Technology Center to bolster Houston’s innovation ecosystem and drive the region to become a top 10 startup ecosystem by 2022.

We will achieve this mission by convening the ecosystem, helping to build an innovation district in Houston, attracting talent to the region and promoting Houston’s image, both locally and nationally, as a vibrant, innovative economy where startups thrive.

Through the HX Venture Fund, we will generate a compelling return for investors, attract leading venture capital firms to bring their expertise and risk capital to the region, and create a key pathway for innovation and information flow between corporations, startups and innovators.