Powered by HX is a new program from Houston Exponential designed to promote innovation themed events in Houston providing marketing support and connections to speakers and sponsors. Through the Powered By HX partnership, HX will strive to make events that forward the Innovation in Houston movement successful and to amplify their impact.

Event Organizers

If your innovation themed event would benefit from the active support of one of the key organizations representing and promoting Houston’s innovation ecosystem, Powered By HX can help.

  • Partnering with Powered by HX will help connect the event to an engaged and active community of innovators in Houston through multiple marketing channels.
  • Powered by HX will also match your event to relevant, dynamic speakers and sponsors that are looking to reach your specific audience.
  • All events are welcome to apply and Powered by HX will consider for support any size of event from monthly meetups to large one-off conferences.
  • Powered by HX events will recognize HX as a sponsor displaying the Powered by HX logo. The Event will also give HX the opportunity to speak about the Innovation movement and Houston’s amazing startup ecosystem during the event, plus access to any VIP or speaker events held in conjunction with the main event.


Industry experts, founders, or innovative and enthusiastic speakers! Powered by HX will intelligently match you to relevant speaking opportunities that will further elevate your personal brand, your company’s image, and the image of the Houston region.


Is your organization interested in connecting with the innovation ecosystem by sponsoring innovation events?

  • Powered by HX intelligently matches your organization to relevant events as they arise.
  • Powered by HX gives sponsors an efficient way to reach their target audiences via vetted events that are already endorsed by HX.
  • Powered by HX will keep all sponsor information confidential and never share this information with event organizers.

Apply for Powered By HX