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❝This is a can do city. We've always been a city where you dream big, you make big things happen. We didn't become the energy capital of the world without putting forth that effort. Our mantra is: go big or go home.❞
Sylvester Turner Mayor of Houston
❝ Houston is the land of opportunity. Houston is ascending to its rightful place and there are a lot of smart, energetic people that are fanning those flames. It's been exciting to be part of the process. ❞
Dr. Billy Cohn Noted Cardiovascular Surgeon, VP of the Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center
❝ Houston is actually, in some sense, the innovation capital of America. You look at what the city has done around space, energy, or biomedical sciences. You can see transformational innovation that's happened right here, and it is meaningful innovation. ❞
Sheel Tyle Founder & CEO, Amplo Venture Capital Fund
❝ They were calling us for help because they knew Houston could take care of the problem and solve it and bring them back safely. And you know of course 'Houston' was the first word spoken on the moon. So in both good days and bad Houston's going to be an important part of space. ❞
Dr. Robert Ambrose Division Chief of Software, Robotics, and Simulation at Johnson Space Center commenting on Apollo 13, ``Houston, we have a problem``
❝ When I moved, people said why would you move to Houston? You could go to Austin, to Silicon Valley; that's the path. But for both me and for my family it has been a great move. And so for any entrepreneur, I would say that going off the beaten path and once you've seen the momentum that's happening here, you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something really big.❞
Brian Richards Managing Director of Accenture's innovation hub
❝ Houston struck us as a market that was really ripe for growth and expansion, as you saw it from innovation, as well as an opportunity to come into a market and really help it grow, be a part of that on the ground floor. That's something that's always been really important to us. ❞
Nicole Walker Partner, Baird Capital
❝ At first, in 2014 and 2015 we saw most of our companies leaving Houston. The infrastructure just wasn't here. Since 2017, companies are staying in Houston now. That's super exciting because now we have things like TMCx and all the other resources here at Station, at Cannon; more angel groups, more opportunities for people to have advice and resources to grow and build their companies here. ❞
Emily Reiser, PhD Innovation Strategist at Texas Medical Center




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