We are a go for launch: Houston Innovation Goes Exponential

Houston is where innovation lives. We are mission control. We built the eighth wonder of the world, put people on the moon and invented and successfully transplanted the world’s first mechanical heart. And we’re far from done.

Here, possibilities are exponential and innovation isn’t just another buzzword, it’s a mindset. And it’s our time to shine.

For us, that takes the shape of an organization created to accelerate the development of Houston’s innovation economy, fostering support for high-growth, high-impact startups. And one way we’re doing that is telling the stories of integral people and companies moving Houston forward. How far forward? For one, into a top 10 startup ecosystem by the year 2022.

Our hope is that these stories will inspire and motivate you to become an active member of this movement: as an advocate, investor, or entrepreneur. For those of you that already check one (or more) of those boxes—thank you—for those that haven’t yet—let’s work together soon.

Have a story we should tell? Send it our way.