Dr. Robert Ambrose – NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Dr. Rob Ambrose spends his work day in the future, developing robots that climb and vehicles with 12-wheel drive that operate completely by remote and in zero gravity. His tools for space travel show up in the most incredible places! As Division Chief of the Software, Robotics & Simulation Division at the Johnson Space Center, […]

Sheel Tyle – Amplo

HX Chairwoman Gina Luna sits down with Sheel Tyle to discuss the launch of Amplo and explains how he established his $100 million dollar global venture capital firm to help build companies that matter, believing that entrepreneurship with pure motivation makes for a more successful startup. And he’s doing it in his hometown, Houston.

Patrick Schneidau – HX Growth Summit

HXTV joins Patrick Schneidau, tenured sales and marketing C-level executive and chair of the HX Talent Committee for the inside scoop on the upcoming HX Growth Summit and why sales and marketing are more important than ever in the digital age.

Lance Black – TMCx

Lance Black, the head of Medical Device Innovation at TMCx joins HXTV host Russ Capper to talk about finding his passion, the incredible innovations from digital to device being developed by the cohorts at TMCx, and why Houston’s TMC is the place to validate your technology and get the traction you need.

Gordon Taylor – Croozen

HX Executive Director Russ Capper and Gordon Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Croozen explore a new way to travel; social travel! Based on social profiles and posts, Croozen’s algorithm is connecting users to each other in all modes of travel to share rides AND experiences getting where they’re going. Plus more on why Houston is […]

Billy Cohn – Center for Device Innovation at TMC, part 1

Dr. Billy Cohn, noted Cardiovascular Surgeon, and the Executive Director of the Center for Device Innovation at the TMC, shares amazing stories of medical device innovation then and now – plus a big shout out to Houston’s unique innovative spirit from one of her most notable innovators!

Brittany Barreto – Pheramor

Brittany Barreto, co-founder and CEO of Pheramor discusses the genetics of attraction, dating algorithms, and how Pheramor is disrupting the status quo in online dating with HX Executive Director Russ Capper. Plus more on why Houston is a great place to launch your startup.

Dyan Gibbens – Trumbull Unmanned

HX Executive Director Russ Capper talks drones with Dyan Gibbens, co-founder and CEO of Trumbull Unmanned a Forbes Top 25 Veteran founded company. Trumbull is using drones to collect and analyze data in high risk environments giving their clients the edge in making critical decisions in business, safety and security.

Chris Church – MacroFab

HX Director of Strategy Jon Nordby chats with Chris Church, founder and CEO of MacroFab. MacroFab is redefining electronics manufacturing, helping entrepreneurs take control of their prototype and production orders with their unique platform and connected factories, and making building products easier, more affordable, and faster.

Dr. Erik Halvorsen – TMC Innovation Institute

We’re excited to present the second episode of HXTV with our guest Dr. Erik Halvorsen, Director of the TMC Innovation Institute. Our own Russ Capper chats with Dr. Halvorsen about the TMCx program, its role in Houston’s innovation ecosystem and what makes Houston a great place to innovate!