Jesse Bounds – City of Houston

Houston has always been a pioneer for technology and innovation. But, did you know that we are also a Smart City? Jesse Bounds explains how street sensors, parking guidance systems, autonomous grocery delivery, smart locking systems and more all contribute toward making us a Smart City. We’re also working to become a Resilient City. And […]

Matt Brand – Houston Astros

Remember the technology in Money Ball? Well, the Houston Astros have that concept on steroids! If your company is not constantly innovating, you’re falling behind. Matt Brand explains the Astros’ use of pitch tracking technology, swing tracers, performance analysis and neuroscience to improve player skills and to better anticipate their opponents’ performance. It’s the science […]

Jeff Garoon – FlowCommand

Digital technology has taken the world by storm—and now it’s improving efficiencies in the oilfield. Your company has machinery and drilling equipment all over the world, some located eight miles underground or in places so remote that cell service and Internet aren’t available. FlowCommand provides real time data and performance reports no matter WHERE your […]

Divy Shrivastava and Trevor Pennypacker – Paladin Drones

Drones are changing everything. And now they’re changing things for our First Responders! Divy Shrivastava and Trevor Pennypacker’s software allows first looks at the site—to verify an address, to evaluate a fire, to avoid a crowd. This could really be a game-changer for the way 911 calls are handled! Paladin Drones deploys drones to 911 […]

Josh Mecca – M&S Biotics

Medical mistakes account for 250,000 deaths each year. Think surgical sponges or instruments left inside the patient, for example. Josh Mecca wants to change that. M&S Biotics uses data analytics and RFID to automate certain procedures, decrease mistakes in the operating room and achieve better outcomes from surgery. Josh Mecca is Co-founder and CEO of […]

Mike T. Brown – Win-Win

Would people give more to charity if it involved athletes and sport competitions? Possibly. Certainly, it’s worth a try! Win-Win works with professional athletes to combine charitable giving with gaming; it’s called “gamified giving” and it makes donations more fun and engaging. Mike T. Brown is excited to become a part of Houston’s innovation ecosystem, […]

Diana Murakhovskaya, Leslie Goldman, and Stephanie Campbell – The Artemis Fund

Houston’s innovation ecosystem now has its own women-focused fund that seeks to invest $20 million in woman-led tech startups. Is your company gaining traction and looking to grow? Our super-collaborative startup community continues to diversity, seeking to include support for all entrepreneurs from silver tech to baby tech. The Artemis Fund is a female-led and […]

Blair Garrou – Mercury Fund

The Houston Ecosystem is fertile ground to grow the many startups, and to support the innovators and entrepreneurs coming to the area. Venture capital investors like Blair Garrou keep things moving. So, what does it take to build an innovation ecosystem? Blair and Gina revisit the early days of Houston Exponential and the major players, […]

Nick Carnrite – LetsLaunch

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest at LetsLaunch. It’s the Angie’s List of online crowdfunding! Say you’re trying to launch a tech startup in Houston; would you know where to start? Or who’s investing? Nick Carnrite has created a community where startups can pitch and equity investors can support them. Nick Carnrite […]

Nic Radford – Houston Mechatronics, Inc.

Few topics fire the imagination like undersea technology and this man is a deep sea rockstar! Engineer Nic Radford develops subsea robots. Houston Mechatronics wants to take underwater robotics to a new level by developing an untethered way to work underwater. Its Aquanaut is like a subsea robot transformer; it moves through water like an […]