Houston’s Medical Startup Hub: TMC Innovation

TMC Innovation is a hub for startups in the medical and biotech industry. Tom Luby, the director of TMC Innovation dives into the programs they offer, including TMC|X, TMC|Biodesign, TMC|X+, TMC|Xi as well as their corporate partnerships. TMC|X alum, Dr. Albert Huang, M.D. from Allotrope Medical Inc. and Dr. Katharine Forth from Zibrio also join […]

Houston Startup Topl’s Chris Georgen and Kim Raath

Topl is a hot Houston tech startup that literally wants to take the world by storm with their unique Blockchain platform. They help businesses prove and monetize their sustainable and ethical practices. Topl is tamper-proof, and it’s helping businesses track every move their products make, whether it’s cacao from bean to bar, or diamonds from […]

Houston Exponential welcomes Serafina Lalany as new Chief of Staff

Houston Exponential is excited to introduce a new and integral member of our team, Serafina Lalany. Her background and experience make her a great fit for our organization and the innovation ecosystem at large. There’s a lot to know about Serafina, but we think this is a good start. What is your job title?Chief of […]

Who are Houston’s Startup Development Organizations? Part I: The Hubs

Want to know which Startup Development Organizations (SDOs) are in the Houston ecosystem? Look no further. To keep track of which hubs* are available for Houston entrepreneurs to develop their companies and organizations, we’ve put together a living document (thanks, Internet!) that we’ll update as soon as new SDOs open or expand into the area.  […]

How Do You Measure Success? Like This.

We love living in a city of big ideas. And we know that investors, startups and entrepreneurs are looking for real results, and a way to measure success. The good news is, we’re seeing all the right leading indicators to show that we’re moving forward at an exponential pace. The data shows Houston is one […]

Houston, We Have a Hockey Stick

How do you turn a city into a hub for high-growth, high-potential companies? The truth is, it takes a village. And our village is the Houston ecosystem. Our community—made up of hustlers, dreamers, and doers—is always looking for the next milestone, and that’s a good thing. It means we’re not prepared to settle, and we aren’t […]

Tech Advisor, Investor Harvin Moore to Lead Houston Exponential 

Longtime Houston-based entrepreneur, aerospace executive, and tech investor Harvin Moore has been named president of Houston Exponential, the local non-profit working to accelerate the growth of Houston’s innovation ecosystem. Moore is a principal at Frontera Technology Ventures (FTV), an advisory and seed-stage investment firm focused on high impact startup technology companies. Prior to FTV, Moore was the chief operating […]

Let’s Get Engaged! Joey Sanchez Joins HX

Houston Exponential is thrilled to have Joey Sanchez on the team in a new role, Director of Corporate Engagement. He’ll bring his energy and experience working in the Houston ecosystem to work with corporate partners on Houston Exponential’s mission to support and expand Houston’s innovation economy. Joey comes to us from the Greater Houston Partnership, where […]

HTX Talent Has Officially Launched

Hiring the right team isn’t easy, but it is essential. That’s especially true when you’re trying to build the kind of high-growth, high-potential companies changing the world from right here in Houston. So where can job seekers go to find local opportunities, and how will entrepreneurs find the right candidates? As of today, HTX Talent […]