Matt Brand – Houston Astros

Remember the technology in Money Ball? Well, the Houston Astros have that concept on steroids! If your company is not constantly innovating, you’re falling behind. Matt Brand explains the Astros’ use of pitch tracking technology, swing tracers, performance analysis and neuroscience to improve player skills and to better anticipate their opponents’ performance. It’s the science […]

Tony Nash – Complete Intelligence

Three years ago, Tony Nash sought to build an analytics firm that used a true, data-driven approach for more accurate forecasting and decision-making. Complete Intelligence uses an AI platform to forecast the global markets: it analyzes currencies, commodities, equity markets and trade using multiple sources to reach a truly unbiased analysis, a comprehensive perspective on […]

Andrew Bruce – Data Gumbo

Data Gumbo was founded as a data platform, but soon realized such problem incompatibilities among their clients that they pivoted to offering blockchain-as-a-service solutions, creating a “commercial” internet for the oil and gas industry. The company connects its clients to one another through “smart contracts,” completely changing contractor/vendor transactions, saving ample time and money. Andrew […]

Jeff Reichman – January Advisors

If you want diversity, launch your startup in Houston. With our amazing demographics, there is no better place for a data science consulting firm. January Advisors’ brilliant team has developed a dashboard with filters that allow the interpretation and analysis of all types of information, which they then illustrate. And in this era of “fake […]