Josh Mecca – M&S Biotics

Medical mistakes account for 250,000 deaths each year. Think surgical sponges or instruments left inside the patient, for example. Josh Mecca wants to change that. M&S Biotics uses data analytics and RFID to automate certain procedures, decrease mistakes in the operating room and achieve better outcomes from surgery. Josh Mecca is Co-founder and CEO of […]

Dean Kamen – FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

America lags the world in student skills and strength in science and technology. That’s all about to change! Entrepreneur Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, runs the most incredible science and technology (robots!) competition you never heard of. High school students worldwide compete for more than $50 million in scholarships. An amazing story! Dean Kamen […]

Houston Entrepreneur Needs Our Help

The Houston entrepreneur community is disturbed after learning that Regina Vatterott, COO and co-founder of EllieGrid, experienced a medical emergency abroad. She was in Israel with  a select group of start-up women from all over the world chosen from the Forbes 30 Under 30 list to spend time with the Schusterman Foundation group prior to the Forbes Global Women’s Summit. On […]

Ashok Gowda – Biotex

He used lasers to change the way epilepsy is treated when he developed a radical new device. Now he advises other life-changing medical startups. Ashok Gowda developed a device for minimally-invasive laser neurosurgery to treat epileptic seizures. Having experienced the hand-to-hand combat of medical device creation and commercialization, he helps other early-stage medical technology startups […]

Regina M. Vatterott – EllieGrid

She funded her startup with competitions and crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Her health and wellness accessories company serves a unique audience and her device has earned her Forbes 30U30 status. It’s not what you think! The company’s first product, “Ellie,” is a smart pillbox that uses an app to track medication usage, providing peace of mind […]

Emily Reiser – Enventure

Yet another reason why Houston is becoming the technology capital of the U.S. Enventure provides support and inspiration for—and by—students passionate about innovation in the life sciences. Emily Reiser took one class and never left! Enventure is a not-for-profit organization that provides programs and lectures, networking and an accelerator for people seeking to launch a […]

Billy Cohn – Center for Device Innovation at TMC, part 2

Noted cardiologist Dr. Billy Cohn has a passion for medical devices; as a surgeon, if he needs it, he creates it. In this excerpt from an HXTV interview, we look inside the mind of a genius as he explains the invention of a lifesaving hemodialysis catheter. Incredible things are happening at the Center for Device […]

Hotbed of Medical Innovation – HX Crawl live event at TMCx

A surgeon who cuts open hearts to keep his patients OUT of the hospital, a dedicated doctor who vows to stop the spread of sepsis, and a brilliant Swedish software developer explain their inventions and how they were developed. Three of the brightest entrepreneurial minds on the planet discuss their incredible medical devices, startups and […]

Solving Problems, Saving Lives – TMC Biodesign

The Texas Medical Center includes 21 hospitals, 59 of the most prestigious medical organizations in the nation serving 10 million patients annually. TMC wanted to harness the power of this remarkable environment to do more. So they did this… Focusing on biomedical devices and digital health technology, TMC created the Innovation Institute to attract and […]

Gwynneth Ballentine, Ph.D. – TMC Innovation Institute

What do you do with a PhD in Molecular Pathology? It’s actually a perfect base to assist today’s medical startups in digital innovation and even medical device technology. As Digital Health Innovation lead at TMC Innovation Institute, Gwyn Ballentine works with TMCx Accelerator to connect startups with the medical center and early stage capital.