Nic Radford – Houston Mechatronics, Inc.

Few topics fire the imagination like undersea technology and this man is a deep sea rockstar! Engineer Nic Radford develops subsea robots. Houston Mechatronics wants to take underwater robotics to a new level by developing an untethered way to work underwater. Its Aquanaut is like a subsea robot transformer; it moves through water like an […]

Dean Kamen – FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

America lags the world in student skills and strength in science and technology. That’s all about to change! Entrepreneur Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, runs the most incredible science and technology (robots!) competition you never heard of. High school students worldwide compete for more than $50 million in scholarships. An amazing story! Dean Kamen […]

Houston Entrepreneur Needs Our Help

The Houston entrepreneur community is disturbed after learning that Regina Vatterott, COO and co-founder of EllieGrid, experienced a medical emergency abroad. She was in Israel with  a select group of start-up women from all over the world chosen from the Forbes 30 Under 30 list to spend time with the Schusterman Foundation group prior to the Forbes Global Women’s Summit. On […]

The Cannon – Construction Update

We recently stopped by The Cannon in the Founder’s District and couldn’t help notice construction progress. They tell us their impressive new digs on Brittmore will be ready for occupancy this summer. (We’re thinking a grand opening event is likely to happen.) Here’s a high-level overview of what to expect when the 120,000-square-foot space comes […]

Stephanie Campbell – Houston Angel Network

Houston is an ant bed of entrepreneurial activity on both the startup side and the investor side. Need support or want to invest? You should hear this! The Houston Angel Network serves both investors and those seeking funding by interacting with investor groups and accelerator programs; it is also active in the Houston Ecosystem, which […]

Greg Powers – Halliburton

You’re drilling four miles below the earth’s surface and something down there breaks. What do you do? Greg Powers wants you to have the answer before you ask the question. As Vice President of Global Innovation, Powers seeks technology that could help his company, even if the technology is not meant for the oil and […]

Samantha Lewis – GOOSE Society of Texas

Could your startup use $1.2 million from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs? You betcha! Most Houston entrepreneurs know about the Grand Order Of Successful Entrepreneurs (GOOSE) Society—a group of uber-successful entrepreneurs who banded together in 2005 to provide angel investment and support to startups. But over time, as their “investments” have matured, their […]

HTX Talent Has Officially Launched

Hiring the right team isn’t easy, but it is essential. That’s especially true when you’re trying to build the kind of high-growth, high-potential companies changing the world from right here in Houston. So where can job seekers go to find local opportunities, and how will entrepreneurs find the right candidates? As of today, HTX Talent […]

Trevor Best – Syzygy Plasmonics

Incredible game changing innovation! Syzygy has cracked the code to create a totally new process that cuts the cost and emissions of commodity chemical production. This photocatalytic process uses light with aluminum, glass and plastic to create common chemicals and fuels—even hydrogen—onsite, at reduced cost and with fewer emissions in the process. It’s a game […]

John Lovell – MicroSilicon

Another incredible IoT product—Real time chemical analysis at the well head! John Lovell explains how award-winning startup MicroSilicon is miniaturizing chemical lab equipment to analyze chemical operations at the oilfield wellhead. More game-changing technology from the Houston Innovation Ecosystem! John Lovell is VP Technology & Strategy at MicroSilicon Inc., a spin-off of Rice University. The […]