Ben Jawdat – Revterra

Remember what digital did for music? These guys want to do the same for energy storage. Think outside the battery! Revterra is developing a zero friction flywheel energy storage system using high temperature superconductors. Sound like the future? It is! Ben Jawdat, physicist, is Founder and CEO of Revterra, a startup energy company developing a […]

Panos Moutafis – Zenus Biometrics

Facial recognition stands to revolutionize every segment of our lives from rock concerts to hotel stays to home security. Panos Moutafis is using it to radically change the convention business. This Houston startup is also using facial recognition to take on the world of user experience and feedback in ways you may not have expected. […]

Nwamaka Imasogie – GitLink

Another H-town entrepreneurial success story, software engineer Nwamaka Imasogie is riding high. How did she do it? She bootstrapped her first tech company while still a student at Cornell. Another company, GitLinks, won a business plan competition, eventually resulting in acquisition. An innovator’s insights on her startup journey. Nwamaka Imasogie co-founded GitLinks, a SaaS product […]

Ashok Gowda – Biotex

He used lasers to change the way epilepsy is treated when he developed a radical new device. Now he advises other life-changing medical startups. Ashok Gowda developed a device for minimally-invasive laser neurosurgery to treat epileptic seizures. Having experienced the hand-to-hand combat of medical device creation and commercialization, he helps other early-stage medical technology startups […]

Daniel Cotlar – Apartment Butler Inc.

A third generation Houstonian who came up through the ranks, a long-time employee of, participant at Station Houston, angel investor, and now COO at a services company that may change the way you think about apartment living. Apartment Butler offers easy-to-access pet care, housekeeping, and laundry services in almost 200 buildings in Houston, Dallas, […]

Regina M. Vatterott – EllieGrid

She funded her startup with competitions and crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Her health and wellness accessories company serves a unique audience and her device has earned her Forbes 30U30 status. It’s not what you think! The company’s first product, “Ellie,” is a smart pillbox that uses an app to track medication usage, providing peace of mind […]

Nicole Walker and Tim Marx – Baird Capital

Baird Capital is actively investing in healthcare startups and early-stage technology ventures. Here’s what else they are doing to build the Houston innovation ecosystem. Nicole Walker and Tim Marx discuss Baird Capital’s investing strategy, what they are looking for and how they are doing more for Houston startups. Nicole Walker, Partner, joined Baird Capital’s Venture […]

Matthew Fiedler – re:3D

Another Houston game-changer: Matthew Fiedler, a former NASA neuroscientist, is pioneering 3D printing in an innovative way. And he’s changing everything! Fiedler’s Gigabot printer uses recycled plastic waste, open-source technology and a unique business model to remove waste from our oceans, provide economies for destitute countries, save our coral reefs and support our military families. […]

Allison Thacker – Rice Management Company

It’s another major step in building Houston’s technology ecosystem. Remember the old historic Sears building near the Medical Center on Main? Where it’s headed is incredible! The Rice (University) Management Co. has big plans for this site: incubators, accelerators, collaborative spaces, maker space, green space and big views, a 24-hour live/work/play community for startups. President […]

Jeff Fashakin – PayOnDelivery

Got a pile of stuff you want to sell online but you can’t deal with the hassle of a meet-up? Here’s your solution! Houston entrepreneur Jeff Fashakin explains, a payment and same day delivery service for online sellers using local on-demand marketplaces like Craigslist. They complete your transaction so you don’t even have to […]