Density and Collisions

Promote physical and virtual interactions between all stakeholders across the Houston innovation ecosystem

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Committee chair being selected

Current Initiatives

HTX TechList

The HTX TechList is the leading resource for in-depth information about Houston startups, investors, hubs, and corporations. The Houston Exponential data team works to ensure the most up to date information on all stakeholders in the Houston startup ecosystem.

HTX TechList is a free to use tool that we invite all Houston startups, investors, and startup development organizations to be a part of.

Latest updates

  • Houston Exponential launched the HTX TechList to connect Houston’s startups, investors, hubs, and corporations. While the TechList was not a direct initiative from the Density and Collisions committee, the committee works to improve adoption across the platform.
  • Conducting an ecosystem-wide survey on diversity and inclusion within Houston’s tech ecosystem to analyze how different populations are getting involved.
  • Conducted an ecosystem-wide founder survey to get a pulse on the community post COVID-19 and to identify the specific needs of founders in the Houston area.