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HTX TechList is the leading resource for in-depth information about Houston startups, investors, hubs, and corporations. By combining business intelligence, crowdsourcing, and a team of professional analysts, we are able to provide the most up to date information and insights on all stakeholders in the Houston startup ecosystem.

HTX TechList is a free to use tool that we invite all Houston startups, investors, and startup development organizations to be a part of.

Join the TechList for unrivaled access and connectivity to Houston’s tech ecosystem!

For Startups

  • Gain Exposure

    Be discovered by investors, media, business partners, and potential clients

  • Access Funding

    Search for relevant investors interested in Houston

  • Connect with Corporate Clients

    Find key points of contact within corporate innovation teams

For Investors

  • Find Deals

    Search, sort, and filter for specific startups relevant to your thesis

  • Conduct Diligence

    Research founders, funding rounds, and product progress

  • Grow your Investor Network

    Meet like-minded investors in the Houston ecosystem

How to Get Started

Create a User Account

Sign up using a LinkedIn or Google account, and gain full access to HTX TechList.

Setup Your Company's Profile

Get your organization listed! Click your user icon at the top right, then "Add your Company".

Connect with Houston

Search the ecosystem and request intros to startups, startup development organizations, investors, and corporations!


Claiming your profile
  • Search your inboxes for an email to claim your existing profile. Subject is “Claim your_first_name’s Profile on HTX TechList”
  • This means our team has already set up a personal profile for you
  • You need to click on their claim link
  • You will land on the company page we’ve determined you are a team-member of
  • You can choose to claim the profile, or create a new profile as a team member of the company.
  • Then, you need to log in either with gmail or Linkedin
  • You can then edit your profile and the company profile of which you are a team member
Signing Up
  • If you do not get a claim invite email OR in the unlikely event the profile is a part of the wrong company, you will need to sign up for a new profile youself
  • Visit and click “sign up for free”
  • It will ask that you log in using gmail or Linkedin
  • Once signed up, you can click on your profile icon in the top right of the page and edit your profile or create a company
  • It will ask what kind of company you would like to create a profile for (startup, investor, hub, or multinational)
  • It will then ask for a company name and perform a search
  • if the company exists on our platform already, you will be redirected to the company page.
  • It will then display a list of team members already a part of the company and you will need to reach out to an existing team member and ask them to add you profile as a part of the team. For security reasons, people cannot add themselves to companies and must be invited in by existing members.
  • You may also use the intercom button on the bottom right to request to be added to the team for a company and the HTXTechList team can help.
  • If the company does not yet exist, you will then be prompted to set up a profile for the company including general information, investment/funding rounds, team members that should be added, and more.
  • It’s important to add as much information as possible since all companies need to meet a data-quality threshold to be visible on the platform.
  • New companies are not visible on the platform until our team can perform a review of the profile to maintain quality.
  • Our team may reach out to gather more information.
  • While the profile is being reviewed, users may use the platform with no restriction and our team will advise them when their profile is live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HTX TechList is a free online innovation discovery platform providing searchable information on hundreds of startups. HTX TechList is the place to go for anyone wanting to learn about exciting innovations and developments in the rapidly expanding Houston tech ecosystem. Whether you are interested in manufacturing, digital health, energy 2.0, fintech, or any other tech sector, our dedicated team of researchers and information specialists maintain up-to-date, relevant data. And it doesn’t stop there – our team is constantly refreshing the data and assuring that you receive the most current and pertinent information.

HTX TechList is not just for startups. As part of our ongoing effort to bring you a complete picture of the ecosystem, we also monitor the activity of investors, multinational R&D centers, innovation labs, accelerators, incubators, hubs, tech communities, and co-working spaces. We also provide a window into new technologies available for commercialization in universities and hospital tech transfer offices.

HTX TechList maps not only startups but also companies of other growth models. We do however exclude certain companies like design shops, service providers, and integrators. Even if such a company performs original engineering or applies proprietary methods to its services, we do not consider these activities a fit for HTX TechList. For example, a company that answers client requests to write code or design products over which it will have no ownership.

We are looking for business that offer original, proprietary technology products which it has developed and owns.

HTX TechList’s intuitive search engine allows you to quickly and easily locate the information you need, cutting your research time looking for the right companies. HTX TechList will help you instantly understand current trends in the tech ecosystem with an easy-to-use dashboard continuously updated with information about recent deals and investments, funding rounds, newly-founded companies, and more.

HTX TechList also enables connections to the right people in the tech ecosystem. You can request an introduction to any listed company, and your request will be reviewed by our staff and, if relevant, relayed to the company. 

  • Startups & other companies – can showcase their innovations, projects, and activities to potential investors, press, and future partners.


  • Investors – can filter-down the list of companies they want to connect with, make contacts with like-minded investors, save shortlists, and do the early groundwork necessary to secure the best deal flow. Investors can use HTX TechList to conduct diligence and make educated, data-driven investment decisions. 


  • Corporations – can tackle their business challenges by finding new technologies and innovations that address these issues. Scout out disruptive technologies that will help maintain their competitive edge. 


  • Other entities – government representatives, analysts, or anyone else looking for in-depth information about the Houston tech ecosystem can use HTX TechList to conduct research and identify trends across the startup landscape.  

We have a team of researchers and analysts who review companies and verify that their data is accurate. We reach out to founders to come claim their company profiles, and many have. While we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty that every detail of every company in HTX TechList is current and accurate, this is at the heart of what we do, and we strive to keep HTX TechList up to date and as accurate as possible.

HTX TechList is completely free of charge but requires users to create an account to enjoy the complete functionality of the platform.