The innovator’s journey is a hard one, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Houston Exponential (HX) is a non-profit organization created to accelerate the growth of Houston’s innovation ecosystem. We believe Houston is where the world will come to solve problems that matter. HX is leading the charge to turn Houston into a hub for high-growth high-potential companies by creating pathways for innovation to flow at scale. We are aligning ecosystem support around strategic initiatives that are connecting, attracting, and promoting startups, investors, corporations, government, and universities.

Clarify the Landscape

HX will curate immersion opportunities including meetings with transformative startups and hubs, leading venture capitalists, R&D centers, and government officials.

Provide a Soft Landing

We provide a customized support in establishing and operating a local presence in Houston, whether a growth-stage company, a startup development organization, or an outside Venture Capitalist.

Harness the Possible

We see the emerging trends and help filter the noise for you. Tap into our knowledge base to gain insight on startup trends and technology shifts.

Expand Your Presence

HX is uniquely positioned to help match you to strategic partners to accelerate your key innovation initiatives and build lasting impact in the ecosystem.