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Brian Richards – Accenture

Brian Richards was there in the beginning. As managing director of Accenture’s Innovation Hub, Brian was among the early voices discussing how to bring Houston’s

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Mush Khan – APS Plastics

Houston’s technology culture requires, not only innovative minds to create, it also needs cutting-edge facilities to execute those concepts. APS Plastics designs and manufactures custom

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David Gow – Gow Media

Houston is home to a very influential innovation community and has been for years. Why aren’t we FAMOUS?! David Gow decided to do something about

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Devin Baptiste – GroupRaise

It’s the most delicious way to change the world! Restaurants have space, fundraisers want space; GroupRaise was founded to help charitable organizers coordinate the two.

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Lawson Gow – The Cannon

Lawson Gow is building a new type of co-working facility to support entrepreneurs and their growing startup companies. Today the Cannon houses 75 startups in

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