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Lawson Gow – The Cannon

Lawson Gow is building a new type of co-working facility to support entrepreneurs and their growing startup companies. Today the Cannon houses 75 startups in

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Larry Shaffer – Insperity

Insperity’s all-in support of entrepreneurs, innovators, and startups includes participation with Houston Exponential. Larry Shaffer introduces the HX Growth Summit being planned for October 10,

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Andrew Bruce – Data Gumbo

Data Gumbo was founded as a data platform, but soon realized such problem incompatibilities among their clients that they pivoted to offering blockchain-as-a-service solutions, creating

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Wilson Pulling – Aatonomy

Wilson Pulling does not build robots; he wants to make them smarter. Aatonomy has developed software that enables computer vision and machine learning capabilities in

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Sheel Tyle – Amplo

HX Chairwoman Gina Luna sits down with Sheel Tyle to discuss the launch of Amplo and explains how he established his $100 million dollar global

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Lance Black – TMCx

Lance Black, the head of Medical Device Innovation at TMCx joins HXTV host Russ Capper to talk about finding his passion, the incredible innovations from

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