5 Growing Pains of Global Innovation

How might we help teams address the growing pains of global innovation?

“In a global economy, ideas get even better when we have a team that is not only diverse professionally or ethnically, but also geographically. People who come to the innovation process immersed in the sights and sounds of other cultures bring a deeper layer of insight to the problem at hand.” — Cherie Johnson, Steelcase Director of Design

As organizations seek to remain competitive, scale, and reach new people, many are leveraging diversity, becoming more agile, and seeking to be more relevant to local markets around the world. This geographic reach puts strain on teams collaborating across cultures, systems, and timezones. As leaders define the new goals for innovation, not all organizational functions evolve at the same pace. The gap between the goals of the organization and its support structures leave workers caught in the middle, experiencing frustrations and feeling ill-equipped to do their jobs.

Steelcase Senior Researchers, Patricia Wang and Lenka Cechova were studying this shift before COVID-19 happened, and their insights are even more important now that we’re all distributed across the globe and working to constantly innovate, even while collaborating remotely.

They asked: How might we help teams address the growing pains of global innovation? And uncovered 5 key growing pains of globally distributed innovation, as well as insights and directions to mitigate a changing economy and multi-cultural society.

Join us for Design Museum LIVE as Patricia and Lenka share their research, walk through the 5 pain points, and discuss how they’ve seen organizations overcome these barriers to global innovation. They’ll answer your questions and interact via a virtual white board to make this research actionable for everyone.

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Jun 12 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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