Culture of Innovation: How Company Culture = Innovation

Discussion on how a company culture not just around innovation but as a whole determines successful innovation.

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Culture of innovation is a misunderstood, overused and empty phrase. Many see it as the processes of how an organisation generates new or improves products. In reality, it’s about creating an environment that supports creative thinking, open communication and decision making.

In this round table discussion we will explore not just an organisation’s culture around innovation, but how the company culture as a whole determines the success of innovation.

We will go beyond the easy-to-like behaviours of tolerance for failure, willingness to experiment, and psychological safety by exploring tougher behaviours such as intolerance for incompetence, rigorous discipline and radical candor. Strong leadership is vital and will also be discussed.

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We aim for this to be an interactive round table with a lengthy Q&A after the panel discussion. Please submit your questions in advance.


Petra Färm (Tolpagorni) – product thinker with a deep tech background. Teacher & Consultant with focus on Design Thinking, Product Strategy, Product Value and applied Product Management

Fredrik Heghammar (House of Sparks) – an expert in innovation and digital production with extensive blue chip and high profile experience.

Lech Guzowski (Human PM) – consultant and coach helping leaders and organisations create positive company cultures in which people can do their best work.

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Jul 08 2020


9:00 am - 10:00 am



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