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According to ConsenSys, a notable leader in the blockchain industry, there are an estimated 30 million software developers globally, while the number of blockchain developers remains in the several hundred thousands. The demand for more blockchain developers is urgent considering that the blockchain market is expected to hit over $39 billion USD by 2025. This evaluation signifies the impending boom across all industries that will adopt blockchain technology into their companies and workflow.

In this Live Stream, you will learn:

– Blockchain development trends

– Where the most exciting blockchain projects / where they’re headed

– How to get a blockchain developer job

– What current skills translate well into blockchain

– What companies and industries that are expanding and will have current and future need for blockchain developers

Joining us for this event are three of the brightest blockchain minds. This event is a must-attend for anyone who is interested in a career as a blockchain developer. Technical, actionable, and high level thought will be on display at this event.

Shaul Kfir – CTO of

With significant development and leadership experience, Shaul Kfir is here to talk about the innovation coming out of DigitalAsset, give concrete blockchain advice, and show where the future of the industry lies.

With many skills to discuss, we are excited to have Shaul join us. Shaul is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience leading diverse professional teams that develop cutting edge technologies. Prior to Digital Asset, he was the CTO of Bits of Gold, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Israel. He also served as director of technology at LedgerLock, a provider of security tools for brokerages and exchanges.

Earlier in his career, as a researcher at Technion, Shaul worked at the Succinct Computational Integrity and Privacy Research cryptography lab and as a visiting scientist at MIT CSAIL. He is one of the original authors of libsnark, the leading open source library for Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Shaul served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy.

Ian Holsman – VP of Software Engineering at

Ian is an experienced and innovative blockchain CTO who is now the VP of Software Engineering at, one of the most important companies in the blockchain landscape. With experience in eCommerce, machine learning, big data, and development leadership, he is here to talk about what it’s like to be a leader in blockchain development.

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Jul 28 2020


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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