Dive into Server Side Technologies: Intro to .NET Core and C#

Learn the best practices and fundamentals of .NET Core and C# in this online workshop, taught live by an experienced instructor.

About this Event

Now that you have mastered JavaScript, HTML and CSS, don’t stop there! Take a deeper dive into server side technologies with .NET Core and C#. Why? .NET can easily become your platform for everything. It’s used by thousands of companies worldwide, from startups to enterprise level corporations for a broad number of applications. Whether your goal is to find a junior developer position or a senior role, .NET Core and C# skills are in high demand at all levels. Flexible, open-source, and well-supported, C# and .NET have become one of the most popular platforms of the last decade. Learning a clean solution design for your RESTful API unlocks the rest of the .NET Core platform, opening the door to building almost any kind of application.

In this 1 day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Effectively design and implement a backend solution with .Net Core
  • Build a RESTful API in .NET Core
  • Test your services using Postman.
  • Learn and apply the fundamentals of designing a microservices solution with .Net Core.
  • Explore the .NET Core ecosystem to build different kinds of applications

A few prerequisites:

This workshop is best suited for students who are familiar with Object-Oriented Programming. Windows 10 is recommended, but the .NET Core development tools also run on macOS 10.13+ and Linux.

About the Instructor:

Roberto Aballe is a senior software engineer, CSM and CSD with over 10 years of experience creating high quality customer-centered applications. His broad experience in many sides of software development and every phase of the development process brings deep knowledge and expertise to his teams. Roberto has amazing ability to craft elegant code, and also believes that being a positive team member who is self motivated and innovative is just as important as technical fundamentals. When not behind a keyboard, Roberto will inevitably be watching a soccer match which is his all-time favorite way to spend his free time.

About DigitalCrafts:

DigitalCrafts has graduated hundreds of successful engineers since 2015, operating the top-rated full-stack web development bootcamps in Atlanta and Houston. Our bootcamps, now available online and in Tampa and Seattle, transform aspiring developers into full-stack software engineers with cutting-edge skill sets and polished portfolios through interview training, resume review and career support.

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Oct 10 2020


8:00 am - 3:00 pm



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