Energy Unmanned Operations: Now & Next in the New Normal

The global COVID-19 pandemic has altered the industrial unmanned sector in so many ways…with an increased interest in automation for critical infrastructure.

Hearing and talking directly with energy asset owners about their current programs and operations, as well as what they are planning moving forward is key intel for your UAV/Robotics teams.  

Learning how to manage your unmanned program more effectively for maximum efficiency, safety and ROI is critical for you to gain the best results both today and in the near future. 

  • Which projects are moving forward during the pandemic? Which are on hold?
  • How are unmanned systems / teams being utilized differently right now?
  • What are the new best practices for UAV/Robotics operations?
  • In which ways is the pandemic affecting industrial operations?
  • What will unmanned operations look like for the rest of 2020?
  • How will the pandemic and new normal accelerate the adoption of unmanned solutions?  
  • Can we leverage AI/ML to more effectively analyze data with less human asset inspectors?
  • What are the new Use Cases/Technology we need to explore now?

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May 21 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am



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