FUND Edu – Budget Reset for Startups

Presenter Name: Anthony Fernandez
Company Name: Scalefactor

Topics Covered:

– How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner
– Comparative Salary: Decide how much you’d pay someone to take things off your plate.
– Needs-Based Budgeting: Figure out what your family needs to get by and budget that into your
business expenses. Probably the route business owners should go right now.
– Stimulus Plan: How the CARES Act can help business owners pay themselves right now.

Sample Questions:

– What are the eligibility requirements for PPP loans?
– How is the PPP Loan different than a Disaster Loan? And can I apply for both?
– If I pay myself through a salary (not a draw), how easy is it to change that?
– Format of LIVE stream: 25-45 min session
(Presentation w/Q&A @ end, 1:1 talks, discussions, LIVE Q&A at conclusion)

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Apr 27 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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