HR Sunday Edition – Group Project Pitch Day!

Sunday group is kick starting the year and itself by hosting a group project pitch day. Here you can pitch your robot idea that you think will be interesting and mentally stimulating for a group of people to work on. Prior Houston Robotics group robot projects ARIEL and Sonik started out from a pitch idea. Yours might be the next one! Pitch Day Criteria:– no more than 2 minute long pitch per robot concept – If using a PowerPoint, plan to bring display device. No guarantee TXRX will have what is needed for your presentation right then, right there – be prepared for Q&A after you present – have an educational concept (ex. pneumatics, flight, telepresence, etc) in mind that a group can learn about through building the project – For Sunday group projects: Software limited to only three platforms*> Python > OpenCV > ROS* Plan for your project to use only these three platforms. No others are allowed. How it Works– After all presentations are heard, a simple ‘yes’ or ‘nay’ vote conducted in rounds until the project with the most votes remains. If still a tie in the end, the group will discuss the merits of each and decide which warrants more attention. Start Time:Pitches begin at 3pm URL:


Jan 27 2019


2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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