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Join use for a primer geared towards “non-techies” on Python, a popular programming language for spreadsheets, automation and data analysis. Based on simplicity, Python is great for beginner’s (it is the #1 beginner programming language at US colleges), yet, is also used by today’s most companies including Microsoft, NASA and Google. The average Python programmer in the US makes $92K per year (Glassdoor).

AGENDA: Greg, Byte Academy’s Python instructor will walk through the history of Python, its common uses and applications, and a basic introduction to how it works and what makes it so special. This will be followed by a brief Q & A for non-coders. Applications and use cases discussed may include: automation, accounting, spreadsheets/Excel and those pertaining to Houston’s largest industries including oil and gas and medicine. Content will be tailored to audience.

More about Python: Released in 1991, Python is a general-purpose programming language prioritizing human readability and understanding.With its large standard library, as well as its third-party Python Package Index, Python provides great extensibility and can be used for anything from data science to web and API development.

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About Greg Smith, Instructor (Python): Greg has been teaching at Byte Academy for the past year. In addition to assisting Byte’s full-time students, he has produced and led specialty skills workshops including “Introduction to Python fr Excel and Data Analysis” and “How to Build a Chatbot in Python”. He also produced a webinar, “Intro to Python for Data Analysis” for Interactive Brokers, a publicly traded, global company. Prior to this, Greg worked as a Manager for the New Jersey Fencing Alliance (NJFA). He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Allegheny College and minored in both Biology and Economics, and then turned to technology and Python initially as an analytical tool. He now does Python, JavaScript, and iOS development work in addition to teaching Python.

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May 21 2019


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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