Regular: Weekly Robot Making Meet – Start Time 1130

This is the Houston Robotics Club’s regular informal Meetup event where we make group robot projects. 3 made or worked on projects to date: • Tumblrweed (finished) – Ball robot • ARIEL (ongoing) – Teleprescence robot. • Autonomous Robot [currently unnamed] (pre-planning stages) – autonomous moving machine • Sonik (starting) – Self-Driving autonomous machine ______________________________________________________________________ Link to our 501c Bylaws: Houston Robotics Club Github Page: Facebook Page: Youtube: Ask us about joining in our real-time chat group at the meets ______________________________________________________________________ During these Meetups, we work on: • the group’s robot projects • assist on individual member’s robot project’s • discuss group and individual robot projects • teach and promote robotics in general A.R.I.E.L. – Avatar Robot for Imaging and Electronic Liaison (thanks Eric for the awesome name idea). Note: This Meetup is open to everyone. So even if you missed the last Meetup, you can still come. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Special Notes: ** This event is the regular weekly meet the club has ran for 2 years now. This is an informally structured meet where we work on group projects and help with personal projects. ** ** The Robotics 101 is special event the club is facilitating as well. It is a more formally structured event. If you want to be a part of our 101 course RSVP on the meet above this one.** ______________________________________________________________________ Relevant Resources for Our Group: Hardware – Simple Electronics: channel has great info on electronics basics. The PWM video is a good place to start because that term gets thrown around a lot at our meets Software – JavaScript for Cats: those contemplating attacking the Ariel interface code, nodeJS, the language the robot is primarily programmed in, is built on JavaScript. This is its own programming language and not be confused with the similar sounding but different Java language. Here is a link to a website that offers an introductory tutorial for JS. Afrotechmods: This video gives a nice general rundown of what Arduinos are and simple coding for it. The channel also offers good tutorials on broader range of electronic and computer technoloy SONIK ~ Blueprint ( (You will need to register first on Lucid to view) URL:

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Mar 23 2019


11:30 am - 3:00 pm
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