Urban Capital Network: Angel Investing – Due Diligence & Valuation

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Join the Urban Capital Network for an informative webinar regarding due diligence, valuation and term sheets.

As an Angel Investor, before investing in a startup, you might ask:

  • How do I know when I’ve found the right opportunity?
  • How much is the business worth?
  • What should the terms be?

Assessingand valuing a company before it has revenue is a difficult task. There are noagreed upon or standard approaches, unlike companies that have a longer trackrecord with historical financial statements, assets, and revenue. There arenumerous unknowns and risks. Due diligence is not about eliminating risks andvaluation is not a science. Due diligence is an exercise to spot and avoid theobvious pitfalls, understand the risks, gather information to support yourvaluation, and ultimately negotiate your terms. In the third session of theireducation series, “Becoming an Angel Investor 101,” the team at Urban CapitalNetwork will present and discuss the role and principles of diligence,valuation strategies and negotiating deal terms.    

During the session, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Key diligence focus areas and principles
  • What to look for and ask during due diligence
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to assess and apply valuation factors and criteria
  • Term sheet basics and negotiation points

Target Audience

Investors interested in learning how to evaluate early-stage investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs interested in understanding the investors point of view, interests, and concerns.

Speaker Bios

Lenny Saizan is co-founder and Managing Director at the Urban Capital Network (UCN). In addition to his role at UCN, Lenny owns and operates a Business Brokerage firm, where he helps business owners with exit planning and maximizing the value of their businesses.

Hear first-hand experience from Chandler Malone. Chandler is a two-time entrepreneur who is now investing in early stage companies through Atento Capital. He is an angel investor in MedFlik and Ideate and has a passion for helping underrepresented entrepreneurs and using technology to improve quality of life.

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Jun 30 2020


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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