Urban Capital Network: Sourcing Angel Investment Opportunities

One of the biggest challenges Angel Investors face is finding frequent and quality investment opportunities. Building a pipeline of opportunities and a network that fosters those opportunities takes time and strategy.

Continuing on our education series of “Becoming an Angel Investor,” Urban Capital Network is delivering their second session, “Sourcing Angel Investment Opportunities.” Whether you’ve made the decision to become an Angel Investor or you’ve already participated in one or more deals, the Urban Capital Network team will provide valuable resources and strategies to help you increase your deal flow to achieve optimal investment opportunities.

During the session, you can expect to learn the following:

  • How to leverage your expertise and personal brand to create deal flow
  • How to leverage professional and social groups and organizations to create deal flow
  • How to collaborate with and build a network of Angel Investors who share deal flow
  • Understand the difference in deal flow between various investment platforms and organizations
  • Hear first-hand from an Angel Investor who will discuss the genesis of some of their own deal flow

Key Takeaways:
Sourcing quality deals is often challenging. Joining a network or teaming with groups makes the process easier

Target Audience:
Investors interested in identifying quality and exclusive deals

About the Speaker:

Eric S. Tait is co-founder and Managing Director at the Urban Capital Network (UCN). Eric brings over 17 years of work in direct investments and advisory services. His experience includes capital raising and fund creation, operations management, content marketing, and lead generation.

Prior to the founding of UCN, Eric was and is President of Vernonville Asset Management (VAM) an alternative investment firm that helps high network individuals and institutions diversify their portfolios into private markets. With a primary focus on income-producing real estate and early-stage startup firms, VAM has over 80 million dollars of assets under management currently.

Eric received his MBA from Rice University in Healthcare Management and Entrepreneurship, his M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine, as well as his Bachelor of Science Degree from Morehouse College.

Mission of Urban Capital Network

UCN radically levels the playing field of the early-stage investment ecosystem. We democratize access for a broader pool of investors and generate vital capital for underserved entrepreneurs.

How do we achieve our mission? We have a two-step effort to democratize the early-stage investment ecosystem.

First, UCN expands and extends investment access to premium early-stage companies to a broader pool of investors, thereby increasing the odds of success for this broader set of investors.

Second, UCN has created a pathway for successful investments to foster and ignite reinvestment into underserved entrepreneurs with the aim of closing the gaps in innovation, employment, and wealth in urban communities. The founders of UCN have committed a portion of their earnings to the Innovation Center for Urban Entrepreneurship (iCUE), an affiliated nonprofit, to facilitate investing in underserved entrepreneurs and urban communities. iCUE’s forthcoming diversity and inclusion investment fund will enable growth in underserved entrepreneurs by investing vital capital to support their success.


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May 19 2020


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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